Bergen University International Workshop 

"Correlation of Pleistocene Events in the Russian North" (COPERN) (December 4-6, 2006), St. Petersburg, Russia.





December 4. Opening of a conference.


O. Petrov (director of VSEGEI) speech. 

A. Velichko (Institute of Geography, Moscow).

John Inge Svendsen (University of Bergen).

Andrew Murray (University of Aarhus, Denmark).


Maria Jensen (Geological Survey of Norway, Trondheim)



J. Svendsen & J. Mangerud (University of Bergen, Norway)

Valery Astahov (St. Petersburg University).

Dmitry Bolshiyanov (AARI, St.Petersburg).

Dmitry Nazarov & John Svendsen.

Dmitry Nazarov (St. Petersburg University).

Valery Astahov (St. Petersburg University).


Kh. Arslanov (St. Petersburg University) & V. Zubakov.

Kh. Arslanov (St. Petersburg University).

A. Vasiliev (Earth Cryosphere Institute, Moscow) & V.D. Tarnogradsky (VSEGEI).


Boris Borisov (VSEGEI).

S. Timireva ((Institute of Geography, Moscow).

Evgeny Gusev (VNIIOkeangeologia, St.Petersburg)


Irina Streletskaya (Moscow State University).

V.A. Zubakov (INENCO RAS).

O. Olyunina (Moscow State University).


Participants on excursion in a Museum of VSEGEI.

Jan Mangerud & Valery Astahov.

Participants on excursion in a Museum of VSEGEI.


Tanya Kuznetsova (Moscow State University) & A. Vasiliev.

Cofee break.

Final party.





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