Proceedings of the annual conference on the results of expedition research

Issue 9

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Relief and Quaternary deposits of the Arctic, Subarctic and North-West Russia. Proceedings of the annual conference on the results of expedition research. Issue 9. St. Petersburg. 2022. 363 p.

The conference is dedicated to discussing the results of field work carried out in the Arctic, Subarctic and North-West Russia. Conference proceedings are published on the Internet in thesis form. Perhaps absentee participation in the conference. The conference is held in the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (AARI) on December 15-16, 2022. The materials are presented in two sections - 1) the Arctic and Subarctic, 2) the North-West of Russia in alphabetical order. Publications are posted on the official website of VNIIOkeangeologia and on the special conference website

Ed. - E.A. Gusev

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Aksenov A.O., Rybalko A.E., Pirogova A.S., Kudinov A.A., Dudkov I.Yu., Tokarev M.Yu. A variety of bedforms in the eastern part of central Kara trough (preliminary result of expedition TTR-21) – p. 15-19.

Babkina E.A., Khomutov A.V., Babkin E.M., Leibman M.O. Monitoring of active layer depth and permafrost temperature in the north of Yamal-Nenets AD – p. 20-28.

Biryuk M.A., Rybalko A.E., Tokarev M.Yu., Pirogova A.S. Geological structure of the upper part of the section of the central Kara Trench (by the results of field work TTR-21 in the northern part of the Kara sea on the RV «Akademik Boris Petrov») – p. 29-32.

Bolshiyanov D.Yu., Aksenov A.O., Lebedev G.B. Investigation of the offshore bar at the north-east side of the Graham-Bell island (Franz Josef Land) – p. 33-38.

Bolshiyanov D.Yu., Yozhikov I.S., Pogrebov B.S., Molodkov A.N., Krylov A.V. Modern and ancient sedimentation cycles by micro- and macro-scales in Taimyr-Severnaya Zemlya region and Lena river valley  – p. 39-43.

Bochkarev A.V., Matveeva T.V., Gusev E.A. Results of geothermal measurements in the Laptev Sea during the cruise R/V “Ivan Petrov” in 2018 – p. 44-47.

Vasilyeva A.V., Savel'eva L.A., Tolstobrov D.S., Petrov A.Yu. Reconstruction of the natural environment of the Tsaga-3 lake region (Kola peninsula) in Holocene according to integrated investigations – p. 48-53.

Vyatkin E.D., Repkina T.Yu. Dynamics of dune massif on the left bank of the Shoina river – p. 54-59.

Gusev E.A. Introduction of the oceanic genetic type of quaternary deposits for the overview geological mapping – p. 60-63.

Danko M.M., Khomutov A.V. Monitoring of polygonal-vein structures of peatlands along the shores of lakes in the north of the Pur-Taz interfluve  – p. 64-69.

Demidenko N.A. The modern sedimentation processes in the macrotidal Kuloy estuary – p. 70-77.

Denisova A.P., Moroz Е.А., Eremenko Е.А., Sukhikh E.A., Arkhipov V.V. Signs of degassing within the glacial shelf in the north-eastern part of the Barents sea – p. 78-86.

Egorov E.G., Abramov D.A., Makarieva O.M., Zemlyanskova A.A., Ostashov A.A., Nesterova N.V. Arrangement of an active layer monitoring site according to calm standards in the western part of the Magadan region – p. 87-90.

Zamotina Z.S., Terekhina Ya.E., Rybalko A.E., Repkina T.Yu., Kolubakin A.A. Erosive-accumulative objects distribution landforms in the northern part of the Kara sea East-Novaya Zemlya area  – p. 91-95.

Zaretskaya N.E., Baranov D.V., Lugovoy N.N., Korsakova O.P., Vashkov A.A., Mishurinskiy D.V., Kachalov A.Yu., Panin A.V., Demidenko N.A. South-eastern Belomor'e in the Late Pleistocene: first results of the generalization of the materials – p. 96-101.

Ivanov V.I., Slagoda E.A., Koroleva E.S. Structure of postcryogenic formations in the lake-alluvial sediments in the northern part of the Pur-Taz interfluves – p. 102-104.

Kazhukalo G.A., Eremenko E.A., Romanenko F.A. Anthropogenic transformation of relief and deposits in Norilsk industrial district – p. 105-111.

Kashdan A.Y., Sheinkman V.S. Surface balance and grounding line of ancient Arctic ice sheets  – p. 112-116.

Kil A.O., Poludetkina E.N., Tokarev M.Yu., Rybalko A.E., Yumasheva A.K. Manifestations of fluid discharge in the upper part of the section and on the sea bottom of the Uedineniya trough, north Kara basin (expedition TTR-21 data) – p. 117-122.

Kokin O.V., Arkhipov V.V., Meshcheryakov N.I., Ananiev R.A., Slukovsky Z.I., Sukhikh E.A. The ice-gouging landforms investigation of the south-western part of Kara sea and the north-eastern part of the Barents sea in the 51st cruise of the R/V "Academik Boris Petrov"  - p. 123-127.

Komarov A.Yu., Gusev E.A., Krylov A.A., Alekseev A.Yu., Semenov P.B., Elkina D.V., Shatrova E.V., Popova E.A., Kartashov A.O., Belyaev P.Yu., Golosnoy A.S., Zakharov V.Yu. Seafloor of Barents sea on the western slopes of Perseus rise – p. 128-132.

Korsakova O.P., Vashkov A.A., Zaretskaya N.E., Tolstobrov D.S., Lugovoy N.N., Baranov D.V., Staritsyn V.A., Dyemina N.V., Kosinova E.S., Suvorova A.N., Pistsova M.A. Late glacial formations in the valleys of the Kolvitsa and Tiksha rivers (southwest of the Kola peninsula)  – p. 133-139.

Kostin D.N., Fomenko A.P., Schneider G.V. The Chelyuskin Peninsula during the Late Pleistocene: first conclusions according to field data – p. 140-142.

Kokhan A.V., Moroz E.A., Eremenko E.A., Denisova A.P., Ananiev R.A., Sukhikh E.A., Nikiforov S.L., Sokolov S.Yu. Morphology of pingo-like features on the shelf of the Pechora and Kara seas as an indicator of their age and dynamics – p. 143-148.

Kryglikov R.G., Krylov A.V., Gusev E.A. The reference marine section of Middle and Late Neoplestocene of the Krinka river of Kanin Peninsula and its textures, molluscs and crustaceans – p. 149-155.

Kudinov A.A., Potemka A.K., Palcev I.O., Nikonova E.N., Kil A.O. Geophysical investigations in the northern part of the Kara sea during expedition TTR-21 of floating university – p. 156-159.

Lobkov V.A., Shmatova A.G. Lithological and geomorphological patterns of differentiation of soil cover in eastern part of Kolguev island  – p. 160-166.

Malikova E.L., Malikov D.G. Sand drift potential as a reflection of the wind regime in the Nadym Ob area – p. 167-169.

Meshcheriakov N.I., Usyagina I.S., Arkhipov V.V., Maznev S.V., Slukovskii Z.I., Sukhikh E.A., Kokin O.V. Experience of  210Pb and 137Cs dating of negative micro landforms of the Barents-Kara shelf: methodological aspects – p. 170-174.

Nikolaeva S.B., Tolstobrov D.S., Koroleva A.O., Kostromina N.A., Pronina A.V. Gravity-flows in late glacial marine deposits of the Ura river (Barents sea coast, Kola region) and their connection to the seismicity – p. 175-180.

Conference Announcement 2023 – p. 181-184.

Pergalo P.N. To the dating of choppers of the Bolshezemelskaya tundra from the shells of the Vashutkin complex and other formations  – p. 185-206.

Pistsova M.A., Romanenko F.A. New diatom studies on the coasts of the Velikaya Salma strait (Kandalaksha bay of the White sea) – p. 207-210.

Platonov I.A., Tumskoy V.Е., Tarasov A.I., Torgovkin N.V., Romanis T.V. Structure and occurrence conditions of ice complex in valley of the middle Indigirka  – p. 211-215.

Repkina T.Yu., Leontiev P.A., Kublitskiy Yu.A., Vyatkin E.D., Krekhov A.K., Orlov A.V. Surface topography and internal structure of the dune complex on the left bank of the Shoyna river (the Kaninsky coast of White sea). The results of field surveys – p. 216-221.

Rokos S.I., Kostin D.A., Tulapin A.V., Kulikov S.N., Arushnyayn L.A. Frozen and cooled soils of the Baydara Bay offshore – p. 222-227.

Roslyakov A.G., Terekhina Y.E., Tokarev M.Yu., Rybin N.A. Arctic shelf geohazards atlas – p. 228-232.

Rybalko A.E., Tokarev M.Yu., Poludetkina E.N., Potemka A.K., Pirogova A.S., Aksenov A.O., Biryuk M.A., Kudinov A.A., Bulanova I.A. Scientific expedition in the northern Kara sea in the frame of program of the Floating University "Education through research" (TTR-21): results and prospects – p. 233-240.

Sizov O.S. Verification of the altitude position of the geomorphological levels of the north of Western Siberia on the AW3D30 DEM – p. 241-246.

Solovyeva M.A., Akhmanov G.G., Montelli A.I. Glaciotectonic features in the north-east Barents sea – p. 247-252.

Tarasevich I.I., Kizyakov A.I., Leibman M.O., Pismeniuk A.A., Nesterova N.B., Khairullin R.R., Khomutov A.V. Dynamics of thermal denudation on central Yamal for the period of 2017-2021 according to the data of annual monitoring  – p. 253-257.

Tokarev М.Yu., Bulanova I.А., Shindina N.Е., Tomasenko S.V., Ugolkova Е.А., Pirogova А.S., Rybalko А.Е. Examples of the manifestation of cryogenic processes in the surroundings of Uedineniya Island (Kara Sea) – p. 258-261.

Tolstobrov D.S., Korsakova O.P., Vashkov A.A., Tolstobrova A.N., Topazov E.V., Koroleva T.A., Butina D.V. Environmental of lake sediment formation in the south-western part of the Murmansk region in the Holocene – p. 262-267.

Torgovkin N.V., Tumskoy V.E., Platonov I.A., Tarasov A.I., Romanis T.V. Stable isotopes δ18O/δD ratio of ground ice in Momo-Selennyakh depression and Abyskaya Lowland  – p. 268-271.

Tulapin A., Rokos S., Dlugach. A., Kulikov S., Belov M., Zhukov K., Petrov E., Prischepehko D. A hydrogeological factor and its possible impact on temperature measurements in boreholes (an experience of the borehole temperature measurements in the East Siberian Sea) – p. 272-278.

Fakashchuk N.U., Dvornikov Yu.А., Оpokina О.L., Khomutov А.V. Thermodenudation as a factor of hydrochemistry formation small tundra lakes  – p. 279-284.

Khlebnikova O.A., Repkina T.Y., Terekhina J.E., Solovyeva M.A., Rybalko A.E., Kolubakin A.A. New data on signs of the maximum extent of the last glaciation in the Pechora Sea  – p. 285-290.

Sharin V.V., Gusev E.A., Zykov E.A. Map of Quaternary sediments of the Spitsbergen archipelago scale 1:1000 000  – p. 291-295.

Sheinkman V.S. Regularities of development of glacial environments in the north of West Siberia in the Pleistocene and their analysis – p. 296-301.

Sheinkman V., Sedov S. Paleocryogenesis and its links with pedogenesis as a factor of non-glaciated quaternary development in the north of the West Siberian Plain – p. 302-307.

Yumasheva A.K., Poludetkina E.N., Tokarev M.Yu., Rybalko A.Ye., Kil` A.O. Zones of focused discharge of hydrocarbons as an indicator of the oil and gas potential of the subsurface of the North Kara basin – p. 308-313.

Yakovleva A.P., Repkina T.Yu., Kublitskiy Yu.A., Leontiev P.A., Gurinov A.L., Orlov A.V., Belichenko A.E. Dynamics of south-eastern coast of the Unskaya Bay and its initial settlement in the Holocene (White Sea, northwerstern Russia) – p. 314-319.



Baranov D.V., Zaretskaya N.E., Panin A.V., Kachalov A.Yu., Lygovoy N.N., Van V.G., Chuprakov N.R. Field studies of Pleistocene channels and proglacial lakes in the Vychegda – Severnaya Dvina basin – p. 320-325.

Belyaev P.Yu., Rybalko A.E., Tokarev M.Yu., Alyoshin M.I., Kudinov A.A., Dron O.N. New data on the structure of relief and quaternary sediments of the Kandalaksha Bay – p. 326-329.

Dudanova V.I., Veselovskiy R.V., Sheetov M.V., Shukhvostov R.S. New data on the magnetostratigraphy of sediments of the Mikulino (Eemian) interglacial: results of field works 2022 – p. 330-332.

Komagorova M.A. The state of the art and new data on the relief and quaternary geological structure of the Valdai High western periphery – p. 333-338.

Koroleva T.A., Maksimov F.E., Kuznetsov V.Yu., Baranov D.V., Petrov A.Yu., Grigoriev V.A. Geochronology of the Mikulino interglacial according to the study of the northwestern Russian Plain sections – p. 339-343.

Krylov A.V. The finds of ornamental stones and minerals in Holocene marine deposits of beach zone from eastern part of the Gulf of Finland  – p. 344-347.

Rudinskaya A.I., Filippova K.G., Lazukova L.I., Druzhinina O.A., Burko A.A., Skhodnov I.N. New data on the structure and formation conditions of the Kulikovo section (Sambian Peninsula, Kaliningrad region) – p. 348-351.

Suvorova A.N., Sadokov D.O., Savelieva L.A. Paleoecological studies of the Zmeinoe Lake (central part of the Mologa-Sheksna lowland): results of field work – p. 352-354.

Fomenko A.P., Savelieva L.A., Maksimov F.E., Petrov A.Yu., Grigoriev V.A., Popova S.S., Kuznetsov V.Yu. Features of the vegetation cover and uranium-thorium age of the Mikulino (Eemian) interglacial on the Russian Plain – p. 355-357.

Shukhvostov R.S., Dudanova V.I., Pismeniuk A.A., Streletskaya I.D., Sheetov M.V. Conditions of formation of permafrost in the Late Pleistocene on the south-eastern Ladoga area – p. 358-362.







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