29 June - 5 July 2003 Sestroretsk

Conference Opening  

Group photo (215 Kb)

With Dog. 


Another group photo (221 Kb)

In the conference hall

Heidemarie Kassens (GEOMAR) and Sergey Drachev (IL RAS)


During first presentation

Ron MacNab (Canada) and Vladimir Glebovskiy (Russia)

Rinat Murzin and Ivan Glumov (Russia) etc.


Translators cabin

Rinat Murzin, Georgy Cherkashev (Russia) etc.

Coffie brake time. Garrik Grikurov (Russia).


Russian scientists Marc Verba (Sevmorgeo) and Dmitry Lazurkin (VNIIOkeangeologia)

INTAS project "NEMLOR" work meeting

Mikhail Sergeev (PMGE, Russia)




Pavel Rekant and Evgeny Gusev (VNIIOkeangeologia)


Andrew Zayonchek (VNIIOkeangeologia) and Norman Cherkis (USA)

German colligues: Rudiger Schtien and Wilfred Jokat (AWI)

"AWI peoples"

Conference albums

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