29 June - 5 July 2003 Sestroretsk

Nikita Bogdanov (IL RAS, Moscow)  

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Viktor Posyolov (VNIIOkeangeologia) 


Conveners: Yulian Pogrebitsky (VNIIOkeangeologia) and Lawver Lawrence (USA, Texas University)


Yulian Pogrebitsky (VNIIOkeangeologia)


Viktor Posyolov (VNIIOkeangeologia)

Wilfried Jokat (AWI)

Sergey Drachev (IL RAS, Russia)


Lawver Lawrence and Arthur Grantz (USA)

Mikhail Grossvald (Russia)

Nikita Bogdanov (IL RAS, Russia)


Dmitry Bolshiyanov (AARI, Russia)

Arthur Grantz (Stanford University)

Marc Verba (Sevmorgeo, Russia)


Vladimir Glebovsky and Lena Razuvaeva (VNIIOkeangeologia)

Vasily Kaban'kov (VNIIOKeangeologia)

Vera Petrova (VNIIOkeangeologia)


Ruediger Stein (AWI)

Alexey Piskarev-Vasil'ev (VNIIOKeangeologia)

Boris Kim (VNIIOkeangeologia)


David Gee (Uppsala University) and Boris Kim (VNIIOkeangeologia) 

Yury Kaz'min (Russia)

Ron Macnab (Canada) and Wilfred Jokat (AWI, Germany)


Opponents: Wilfred Jokat (AWI) and Viktor Posyolov (VNIIOkeangeologia)

Alexey Piskarev-Vasil'ev (VNIIOkeangeologia) and Wilfried Jokat (AWI) 

Yulian Pogrebitsky (VNIIOKeangeologia) 


Garry Brass (USA)

Ivan Glumov (Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia)

German Naryshkin (VNIIOkeangeologia)

Viktor Posyolov (VNIIOkeangeologia) and Bernard Coakley (University of Alaska)

Evgeny Zatsepin (PMGE, Russia)

Ruth Jackson (Canada)


A. Oparin (GUNiO) and Mikhail Grossvald (Geography Institute, Moscow)

Anna Zinchenko (VNIIOkeangeologia)

Anna Zinchenko (VNIIOkeangeologia)


Anatoly Pavlenkin (VNIIOkeangeologia)

Viktor Butsenko (VNIIOkeangeologia)

Viktor Butsenko (VNIIOkeangeologia)


Valentina Verba (VNIIOkeangeologia)

Viktor Posyolov (Russia) and Ron Macnab (Canada)

Masha Blinova (VNIIOkeangeologia)

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